2008 - Nicosia (Cyprus)

Place: Hospital

Season: Autumn/Winter

Source: Mist/Steam Device

Considers biofilms: Yes

Treatment used prior to the outbreak: Possibly tap water was used in the humidifier instead of sterile water; Misuse of humidiers in a hospital

Actions in response to the outbreak: Unknown





Lp3, Lp1

Lp1, Lp2-14

Sequence Type

ST1, ST93

ST1, ST93


Monoclonal Antibody Type

Oxford/OLDA, Dresden Sg3

Oxford/OLDA, Dresden Sg3

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Title Authors Journal Year More
First outbreak of nosocomial legionella infection in term neonates caused by a cold mist ultrasonic humidifier Yiallouros P.K., Papadouri T., Karaoli C., Papamichael E., Zeniou M., Pieridou-Bagatzouni D., Papageorgiou G.T., Pissarides N., Harrison T.G., Hadjidemetriou A. Clinical Infectious Diseases 2013