2000 - Ishioka (Japan)

Place: Public Bathhouse

Season: Spring/Summer

Source: Water System

Considers biofilms: No

Treatment used prior to the outbreak: Design defect (untreated water flowed back to the pool); Lack of adequate maintenance

Actions in response to the outbreak: Unknown





Lp1, Lp6

Lp1, Lp3, Lp5, Lp6

Sequence Type



Possible match

Monoclonal Antibody Type



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Title Authors Journal Year More
A large outbreak of Legionnaires' disease due to an inadequate circulating and filtration system for bath water - Epidemiologic manifestations - Nakamura H., Yagyu H., Kishi K., Tsuchida F., Ohi-Ishii S., Yamaguchi K., Matsuoka T. Internal Medicine 2003
Legionellosis associated with recreational waters: A systematic review of cases and outbreaks in swimming pools, spa pools, and similar environments Leoni E., Catalani F., Marini S., Dallolio L. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2018 Legionellosis Associated with Recreational Waters: A Systematic Review of Cases and Outbreaks in Swimming Pools, Spa Pools, and Similar Environments Leoni, E.; Catalani, F.; Marini, S.; Dallolio, L. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2018