2018 - Bresso (Italy)

Place: Community

Season: Spring/Summer

Source: Water System

Considers biofilms: Yes

Treatment used prior to the outbreak: The decorative fountain in which the outbreak strain was found was associated with little to no aerosol production and was characterized by water recirculation. Metereological conditions may have enhanced aerosol emission.

Actions in response to the outbreak: Facilities were closed; Facilities with positive results were cleaned







Sequence Type


ST23, ST1, ST2, ST695, ST37


Monoclonal Antibody Type

France/Allentown, Philadelphia

France/Allentwon, Oxford, Benidorm, Philadelphia, Bellingham, Olda

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Title Authors Journal Year More
Large community-acquired Legionnaires’ disease outbreak caused by Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1, Italy, July to August 2018 Faccini Marino, Russo Antonio Giampiero, Bonini Maira, Tunesi Sara, Murtas Rossella, Sandrini Monica, Senatore Sabrina, Lamberti Anna, Ciconali Giorgio, Cammarata Serafina, Barrese Eros, Ceriotti Valentina, Vitaliti Sonia, Foti Marina, Gentili Gabriella, Graziano Elisabetta, Panciroli Emerico, Bosio Marco, Gramegna Maria, Cereda Danilo, Perno Carlo Federico, Mazzola Ester, Campisi Daniela, Aulicino Gianuario, Castaldi Silvana, Girolamo Antonietta, Caporali Maria Grazia, Scaturro Maria, Rota Maria Cristina, Ricci Maria Luisa. Eurosurveillance 2020