2015 - New York (USA)

Place: Community

Season: Spring/Summer

Source: Cooling Tower

Considers biofilms: Yes

Treatment used prior to the outbreak: Lack of adequate maintenance (excessive mist generation)

Actions in response to the outbreak: Unknown







Sequence Type



Match (relative)

Monoclonal Antibody Type



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Title Authors Journal Year More
Legionnaires’ disease outbreak caused by endemic strain of Legionella pneumophila, New York, New York, USA, 2015 Lapierre P., Nazarian E., Zhu Y., Wroblewski D., Saylors A., Passaretti T., Hughes S., Tran A., Lin Y., Kornblum J., Morrison S.S., Mercante J.W., Fitzhenry R., Weiss D., Raphael B.H., Varma J.K., Zucker H.A., Rakeman J.L., Musser K.A. Emerging Infectious Diseases 2017
A large community outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease associated with a cooling tower in New York City, 2015 Weiss D., Boyd C., Rakeman J.L., Greene S.K., Fitzhenry R., McProud T., Musser K., Huang L., Kornblum J., Nazarian E.J., Fine A.D., Braunstein S.L., Kass D., Landman K., Lapierre P., Hughes S., Tran A., Taylor J., Baker D., Jones L., Kornstein L., Liu B., Perez R., Lucero D.E., Peterson E., Benowitz I., Lee K.F., Ngai S., Stripling M., Varma J.K., South Bronx Legionnaires' Disease Investigation Team Public Health Reports 2017
Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks and cooling towers, New York City, New York, USA Fitzhenry R., Weiss D., Cimini D., Balter S., Boyd C., Alleyne L., Stewart R., McIntosh N., Econome A., Lin Y., Rubinstein I., Passaretti T., Kidney A., Lapierre P., Kass D., Varma J.K. Emerging Infectious Diseases 2017